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Durban University of Technology (DUT)

The Programmes offered in Town and Regional Planning date back to 1984 at the former ML Sultan Technikon, where the old National Diploma and National Higher Diploma courses were offered, and housed within the Faculty of Engineering.  The programme fell under administration of the Department of Architecture and Town and Regional Planning.  In 1995, the Department of Town and Regional Planning gained full status as an academic department in the Faculty of Engineering.  In April 2002, the institution underwent major changes as a result of the first higher education merger between the former ML Sultan Technikon and Natal Technikon to form the Durban Institute of Technology.  After the consolidation of the merger, the Durban Institute of Technology began the process of establishing the Durban University of Technology.    By the end of 2003, the Department was physically relocated to the Steve Biko Campus and was part of the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Built Environment.  The Department is currently housed in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment.

The Department currently offers two programmes i.e. the National Diploma:  Town and Regional Planning and the Bachelor of Technology:  Town and Regional Planning.

The Department is one of the youngest planning Departments in the education landscape in South Africa.  In its 27 year of existence, the Department has produced a number of graduates, of which 597 qualified with the National Diploma / National Higher Diploma, and 161 with the Bachelor of Technology in Town and Regional Planning.  Both programmes have full accreditation with the South African Council for Town and Regional Planners.


List of SACPLAN accredited planning qualifications currently being offered:

Qualification SACPLAN Registration Category Notes
National Diploma: Town and Regional Planning
Technical Planner
Bachelor of Technology: Town and Regional Planning
(BTech TRP)
Professional Planner